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For my entire life, I have been passionate about changing the way people access health care. I began my journey as the daughter of a nurse and a medical journal editor. I was raised in the ways of western medicine. Navigating the system has been a challenge. I always felt like I was being pushed into things I was not comfortable with at my doctors visits- I struggled to find a doctor who could relate to my need to try holistic approached first. This drove my commitment to finding safe and accesssible options for wellness. In college, I studied medical ethics, medical anthropology, and community planning. I was destined for a career in public health. I went to South Africa to work with incredible AIDS activists in the Treatment Action Campaign. I saw how the country's health care system had failed, and the people had to take responsibility for advocating and caring for their neighbors. I wanted to continue my career in Public Health but saw how interwoven the field was with pharmaceutical companies and had little room for holistic practices. I am still on my journey to changing the way health is seen, how people access wellness, and how alternative approaches are seen.

I'm committed to working one life-changing case at a time. I want to show that even without subsidized studies, real changes are happening. Get ready!

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