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SIPS-Stress Indicator Point System

Is a modality of energy work that addresses imbalance on all levels of being- from physical structure to atomic energy flow. From inherited emotional blockages to restrictions in the outer blueprint of your energetic body- the experience of energy shifting with this work is profound.

While Brain Integration removes stress on the neurological level, SIPS is able to determine where deeper layers of stress are held. Factors that are more energetic in nature, such as epigenetic stress, can be balanced. SIPS is seamlessly integrated into every session as needed, to achieve deeper and more profound levels of healing.

Colorful Bubbles


SIPS is a branch of Specialized Kinesiology which uses acupressure points and muscle testing to determine what kind of stress the individual is experiencing and help them to move the stress out more efficiently. 

Stressed cells draw on the meridian system to help maintain homeostasis in the body but over time health will suffer.  SIPS allows the energy pathways to reset, removing resistance to healing.

Resistance to healing energy limits the effectiveness of any treatment method. SIPS identifies the types of stress involved that creates this blockage and disperses the resistance so that the healing treatment can be directed at a profound and core level.

“SIPS works on the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and electrical levels of the body to promote whole body healing.  SIPS can be extremely effective for pain relief (for example, diffusing stress in a hurt knee by working with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid and inflammatory processes involved, while also acknowledging any stuck emotion, or fear or a repeat injury), identifying roots of chronic illness; improving cognitive functions and learning difficulties; and assisting in hormonal balance.”

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