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About Crossinology Brain Integration Technique

Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a revolutionary approach to eliminating learning difficulties.

People typically come for relief of these issues:

-Speech delays

-Processing disorders

-Difficulty budgeting time

-Mood swings

-Sensory issues



Results are wide-ranging, but clients commonly experience improvements in these areas:

-Emotional overwhelm

-Trouble with reading/ math/ spelling





-Physical energy and coordination



-Emotional stability


-Reading comprehension






More Info

Why is Crossinology BIT different?

Crossinology BIT is different from other Brain Integration techniques because it does not train the brain through exercises. No machines, electrical devices, or medications are used.

Instead, BIT pinpoints blockages in the wiring of the brain and unravels them to create clear, efficient communication between the hemispheres. Shifts in abilities and clarity are noticable immediately.

Because the old pathway took more energy to travel, the brain will not go back to using it again. Each balance releases stress from the pathways, permanently.

Brain Integration releases stress from the pathways of your brain so that you can process information and complete tasks with greater ease.

Learning becomes easy. If a child has fallen behind for many years, tutoring may be required to catch up quickly.

Often times, parents see how their children have been helped and decide to try BIT for themselves!

Teachers also recognize the change- one client reported that the teacher felt like a "light switch was turned on" in her child!

What kind of results can I expect?


I want to know more!

Call or email today to schedule your first session or to learn more. Please visit the Crossinology website for extensive information, articles, and research.​ You can also purchase the book Breaking the Learning Barrier by Susan McCrossin.


BIT can help to unblock your potential! See how you can thrive in relationships, in your personal life, and at work.


Brain Integration can help with test anxiety, focus, concentration, reading comprehension, and more. Give yourself the competitive edge needed to advance academically. Break your barriers to learning!


Rehabilitate from the cognitive effects of concussions, improve stamina, fine-tune your coordination, and access greater levels of energy. Muscle ReActivation can be combined with BIT to reduce strain from injuries.

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