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My journey to wellness

In my mid-20's I started to suffer from IBS, food allergies, and anxiety. I had no idea why my body suddenly shifted. I began to have panic attacks, not wanting to leave my own home because I could not trust my body to get me places. I lost a big part of my personal independence, and started to lose confidence. My doctors could not give me any answers; I was constantly sick to my stomach, rapidly gaining weight, and incredibly scared.

In 2007, I took my first Bikram yoga class. I do not know why, but I kept going back. I started to feel good about myself. I felt strong, and welcomed in the community of the studio.

In 2010, I decided to share the benefits of yoga by becoming a teacher. Knowing that hot Bikram yoga was not accessible to most people, I trained at South Boston Yoga in an all-encompassing training, focused on anatomical function and creating yoga classes for different types of abilities.

In preparation for the transformation of becoming a yoga teacher, I experimented with cleaning up my diet. Taking gluten, soy, and dairy out of my diet felt like a weight was lifted. I could sleep through the night and not wake up feeling like I had food poisoning. I could get stuck in traffic and not panic. I had my life back.

Yoga was the first step for me. I could start to recognize the relationship of how food affected my body. My awareness of my own energetic system in relation to my surroundings was enhanced.

Brain Integration was the next step for me! Please read my story in the testimonials page :)

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