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Wellness Offerings

In addition to Crossinology BIT, Liz offers a variety of pathways to support your journey in becoming whole, healthy, and happy. Please ask to learn more!

Muscle ReActivation

Discover new physical strength and balance. Awaken dormant strength to:

- Rehabilitate old injuries

- Gain access to weaker muscles

- Relieve pain and discomfort

- Balance physical function

- Discover new strength

-Improve athletic abilities

Yoga Therapy

​Develop a practice to sustain balance, and connect to your inner strength. Liz teaches:

- Gentle Yoga Thursdays 8:45 AM $5

-Chair Yoga Thursdays 10 AM $5

-Both classes at the Milano Center for Senior citizens in Melrose, MA

Specializing in:

- Myofascial Yoga Therapy (CYT 500)

- Yoga for Brain Disorders

-Yoga for Teens and Seniors

-Yin Yoga

HMI Healing

Liz is a Heart-Mind Integration Healing practitioner, certified by Tommy Priester. The electromagnetic field produced by the heart is 5,000 times stronger than the field produced by the brain. Journey to your heart in a meditative state to find deep healing. Powerful shamanic work that will change your perspective on life!
- Family lineage healing
-Release and heal unhealthy patterns
- Integrate your heart and mind!

Diet and Nutrition

​Do you need help determining what foods or supplements can best serve you? Using Morphongenic Field Testing, see exactly how certain foods or supplements can expand your energy field and how some can zap it!

- Candida cleanse

- Nutritional guidance


Allergy Balancing

Experience immediate relief!

- Seasonal allergies

- Food sensitivities

- Pet allergies



Energy Work

- Reiki and Reiki teaching

- Long distance healing

- Chakra balancing
- Emotional release


Connections to Wellness
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