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Welcome to Whole Minded Health!

My name is Liz Elia. I am a certified advanced Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) practitioner, LEAP and SIPS Kinesiology practitioner, yoga teacher, reiki master, and shamanic healing meditation facilitator. I practice in Newton, MA and remotely via Zoom or phone.

I am here to help you, your child, or your loved one to reach your innate potential by providing safe holistic options for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Discover how Brain Integration can help you to become more clear focused, and grounded- at any age. Improve your ability to learn with ease, problem-solve, and maintain self-confidence wherever your life brings you!

Health Starts in the Mind

Wellness is a way of life. When you experience stress due to difficulties with learning at school- or just staying organized at home or  work- your well-being suffers also. BIT is a process that can transform how you approach life- in as little as 8 hours. In addition to emotional and cognitive balance, physical  balance and coordination are also addressed. Witness yourself feeling at ease and calm in the face of what was once difficult to manage- at school, work, and beyond.

What is BIT?
How does it work?

Crossinology BIT uses a combination of neuropressure (light touch on the body's energetic meridians), biofeedback (muscle testing to determine weaknesses present in function), applied kinesiology (to locate specific types of imbalances), and gentle touch (to redirect bloodflow in the brain).

The client relaxes (fully clothed) on a massage table while more than 80 specific functions are assessed and brought to optimal levels.

There are no exercises to do, no medications or supplements required, and no electrical or mechanical devices used.

Some clients fall asleep during the session; others meditate peacefully; some enjoy talking; and children usually play with non-electronic toys or books.


How long does it take? How long will it last?

Once you have completed the 8-12 hour integration, results are permanent. Some cases require more time to complete; you will be given an estimate upon your initial assessment.

Sessions can be divided up into short 30-minute increments for young children, or last up to 3 hours for people who want to complete the process quickly.

Liz's fee per hour is $150. Insurance is not accepted.


What kinds of issues are addressed?
Learning Difficulties, ADHD, and Dyslexia

Normal learning ability can be restored, eradicating the difficulties associated with these issues permanently and naturally.

Crossinology BIT synchronizes  the brain's processing centers so that the tasks of learning, work, and life can become less stressful.

Many different areas are addressed including: speech pathways, visual processing, auditory processing, reading, spelling, math, emotional response, organizational skills, and more!

Emotional response to different situations is largely controlled by the part of the brain known as the limbic system.

These responses were wired in to us at an early age- generally before the age of 5- earlier than many of us can remember! Therefore we do not know that we are even carrying this stress; our way of being in the world has always been this way.

When these signals are unblocked, stress no longer becomes the default reaction.

Clients report a great sense of relaxation both during and after each session.

Relief of Emotional Stress and Anxiety
Concussions and Physical Balance

People who have suffered from concussions or MTBI benefit greatly from BIT. Even years after the injury, function can often be restored and lives improved.

In addition to mental function, BIT also addresses phsical balance and coordination. BIT is ideal for athletes, yogis, and people who struggle with coordination.

With integration, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, stamina, and energy levels are improved.

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